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Telecommuting Tips: Prevent Weight Gain

You’re a budding freelancer, telecommuter, entrepreneur, home office worker, or whatever you want to call yourself. You’ve got all this new found freedom that feels great, but that freedom can quickly turn into eating in excess, bad sleep schedules, and putting things off because “you can do them whenever you want”.


One of the effects of that attitude is weight gain. With 24/7 access to your own fridge and no one around to stop you, it’s an easy trap to fall into. With the freedom and flexibility of working from home comes great responsibility. If you’ve found yourself on the path to unhealthy weight gain after switching to a home office (whether just starting or if you’re already a few miles down the road), here’s some tips to help.


Prevent Weight Gain
Is this you? If so, you’ve got something on your tie there…


Clean Out the Fridge


There are a million reasons to eat unhealthy –

  • “It tastes good”
  • “It’s quick”
  • “It’s easy”
  • “I’m bored”
  • “I’m stressed out”

I could go on, but here’s one super easy reason that will stop you from eating junk –

  • “I don’t have any”

If there isn’t junk food in your refrigerator or your cabinets, you can’t eat it. When you’re looking for a quick fix, you’ll only have good stuff around, and that’s what you’ll eat. Sound complicated? I didn’t think so. Clear out the junk food from your fridge and pantry (seriously, chuck it!), and start living a healthier life.


Eat Foods That Fill You Up


Foods that are low in nutrients and high in calories, especially ones chock full of refined sugars, will have you wanting more before you even get to finish. Foods that have enough protein and good fats will leave you feeling full but not bloated, and feeling full longer (instead of hounding for the next snack).


Steak Dinner
Meat… what can’t it do?


When you feed your body whole foods with plenty of nutrients and calories, your body will learn it’s no longer “starving”. Your cravings for junk food will slowly dwindle, and your body can stop holding onto unnecessary fat stores (now it’s not that simple for everyone, but it’s a great place to start).


The hardest thing about the paleo diet for many people to wrap their heads around is that there’s such a thing as “good fats”. Being overweight is NOT caused by just “eating too much fat”. Fat is a perfectly good source of energy that our bodies were made to run on.


If you’ve been eating a diet full of lots of highly processed carbohydrates, refined sugars, and the like, your body has adapted to use those energy sources the best it can. Switching to using fat as a resource can take time, but the benefits are huge. For more information check out Mark’s post on being “fat adapted” at Mark’s Daily Apple.


Make Healthy Snacks


Make yourself good healthy snacks that won’t make you feel bad about eating them. Make them BEFORE you need them, and make more when you run out, so they’re ready when you need them. While you don’t want to get in the habit of snacking all the time, having something that’s quick and easy (but GOOD for you) when you’re desperate can make all the difference.


Here’s some ideas for snacks that are healthy and easy to keep around the house –

  • Homemade jerky (I use a nesco dehydrator – affiliate link)
  • Nuts (careful not to go overboard on these)
  • Cut veggies and homemade mayo dips
  • Fruit
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Leftovers


Cut Veggies and Hard Boiled Egg
A colorful and delicious snack.

The sky’s the limit here, you just want to make sure you have something that you can get together in a pinch when you’re in a rush and desperate for a snack.


Most people aren’t going to try to eat perfectly 100% of the time, so here’s your trick. When you want to treat yourself, go out and get yourself a treat. Get a single serving and finish it or toss what’s left. That way, you won’t pile up loads of unhealthy snacks around the house.


That’s it For Now


This topic is enormous, so I’ve got to stop writing now, but I’ll be back with more. Weight can be a key marker of health, and while I don’t want to focus on just weight loss here at Remotely Healthy (not Remotely Skinny), there will be plenty more info to follow.

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