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Hello World! Welcome to Remotely Healthy

Hello World!


This is the first post of my first venture into blogging. I’m here to talk about stuff that’s important to me and I’m excited about it. This site, Remotely Healthy, is a blog about staying healthy while working from home.


There’s a ton of information here to cover, but there’s 3 main categories I keep coming back to. Those are food, movement, and the home office. Those are what I’m going to focus on (but expect me to go off on tangents too).


While Remotely Healthy is focused on telecommuters/home office workers, it’s real focus is health. The information you read here will be useful no matter what your career and lifestyle are, though you may have to adapt it to fit your schedule.




This one is super important to me. It’s how I lost 50 lbs and starting feeling better than I have since I can remember. I’m always looking to improve, but so far what’s worked best for me is a whole foods diet consisting of good fats, properly raised meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.


I like explaining it like that, but most people would just call it “paleo” or “the caveman diet”. Sometimes that makes it sound like I’m trying to do something that I’m not – eating exactly what our ancestors did. It’s not about that, it’s about getting healthy by eating what our bodies were meant to. That often means starting with an eye on our ancestors, but ends with personal experience (what’s right for me is not always right for you) and scientific data where it’s available.




This is the next step, and something that I’ll admit to falling behind on too much. I’m doing a lot of research here and trying to get better. Basically, your body is not built to spend countless hours every day sitting at a desk typing away (obvious, right?). Don’t just give up, though, because there’s so many great things we can do to counteract it. If you’re working from home or just have some flexibility in your schedule, it can be easier than you think.


For movement, I’m mostly going to talk about two things. The first is exercise. I like lifting heavy things and try to do it a few times a week. I’ll talk about programs I like, and why I think they’re good. I may also include stuff about interval or cardio activities.


The second thing I’ll talk about is mobility. It’s a really important topic that is finally starting to get some light. To me, it’s about moving like a human, and if you don’t use it, you lose it, but it’s never too late to work on getting it back. It’s also about dropping the nagging aches and pains that we assume are part of “every day life”, but really don’t have to be. I’ll focus more on counteracting problems common to desk workers.


The Home Office


Food and movement are all about the positive things you can do to increase the health and fitness of your body. The home office posts are about reducing the negative effects of working a desk job. I’ll post information on chairs, standing desks, blue lights and screen brightness, keyboards, and really just about anything like that. The point will be to minimize the damage done to your body and maximize your health.


This is also my stomping ground for posting any information about telecommuting that doesn’t fit anywhere else. If I find any new gadgets or toys for the home office (even if they’re not health related), you’ll see those here, too.



So there’s one more category in here, and I’ll make it quick. Lifestyle is kind of a miscellaneous bucket where I can drop anything that doesn’t fit anywhere else. That might include getting sunlight, sleep, supplements, or just about anything.


That’s it… Maybe?


I think that’s already a lot to tackle, and I’m trying to keep focused, but I know there’s other stuff that will come up. Maybe another completely different category will end up in the mix. Time will tell. I’m always open to comments/questions, and I’m doing this to help other people with what I’m learning, so if you find certain things helpful or want to hear about a specific topic, don’t be afraid to let me know.


Thanks for reading, and come back soon.

Hi, I'm Nick. I'm the man behind the scenes at Remotely Healthy. I'm a nerd on a mission to improve my health.
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